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Top CMOs on Twitter

These are the top 100 Chief Marketing Officers around the world who were active on Twitter as of December 1, 2014. Although it's organized by number of followers, additions to—and removals from—this list are determined by a proprietary algorithm I developed while writing my latest book. You can also follow these CMOs using Chris Herbert's Twitter list.

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Kent Huffman

Kent Huffman is your guide for the "Exclusives" section of Social Media Marketing Magazine. He is a fractional CMO at Chief Outsiders. Formerly, Kent served as the CMO at BearCom Wireless, the Vice President of Marketing for CompuCom Systems, and the Global Director of Marketing Communications for Perot Systems. He is the father of two marketing process models: "Systemic Marketing" and "Marketing Maturity." Kent is a published author and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, CMO.com, Marketing News Magazine, Business.com, MarketingProfs.com, BtoB Magazine, Computerworld.com, and Texas Technology Magazine. He currently serves in advisory roles for the CMO Council and the CX|M Institute.