Mobile Marketing: The Most Exciting Channel to Reach Your Audience

By Celene Mesa, Owner of Mesa Mobile Marketing Does your business need more customers? How about something that is fast, targeted, inexpensive, and elicits immediate response? Then think mobile marketing, the most exciting channel available today to reach your audience. Mobile marketing is a form of advertising communicated through a cell phone or smartphone that […]

The Marketer’s New Clothes

By Johna Burke, Senior Vice President of Marketing at BurrellesLuce My friends and I have joked over the years about CEOs (who will remain nameless) taking on the persona of the “Emperor” in the Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. It was all fun and games until we let a CFO friend in […]

LinkedIn: How to Properly Plant It into Your Social Media Marketing Landscape

By Kent Huffman, Chief Marketing Officer at BearCom Wireless and Co-Publisher of Social Media Marketing Magazine LinkedIn is just one of a myriad of popular tools available in today’s rapidly growing and evolving social media world. So how do you justify the effort required to sow and nurture your presence on LinkedIn, especially the time […]

Social Media Marketing: So Much More than Tools

By Frank Reed, Principal of Frank Thinking With the whole field of social media marketing coming together over the past few years, there has been a feeling of constant change. Twitter has gone more mainstream in the past 18 months, Google Buzz has jumped into the fray, Facebook fan pages have gained momentum, and corporate […]

Social Media Marketing will Drive Product Innovation

By Gary Schirr, Professor at Radford University Too much of what is being written about social media marketing (SMM) these days still has the ring of futurism. Wake up—the SMM era is already here! Companies are increasing their SMM budgets today, and their sales are being driven by customer-to-customer buzz at this very moment. Much […]

In the Trenches: The Reality of Social Media for Business

By Amy Howell, CEO of Howell Marketing Strategies 2009 will be viewed as the year that the social media tidal wave hit, taking most businesses by surprise. But 2010 rings in promising new opportunities, more optimism in the economy, increased advances in technology, and with it, increased focus on digital marketing and social media marketing […]

The Power in Your Profile: How LinkedIn Can Be Leveraged to Lead a Fruitful Job Hunt

By Eve Orsburn, CEO of Social Media Delivered If you have a profile on LinkedIn, you are already aware of the strength in what I find to be the most powerful social media tool available for career searches. LinkedIn networks more than 60 million professionals with more than half of them located outside the United […]