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Issue 2: Table of Contents


Take a H-I-T

By Nigel Dessau, Chief Marketing Officer at AMD

Integrity is one of the challenges facing leaders exploring social media. Because of the unfortunate examples set by executives blogging under an alias or employees posting inappropriate videos on YouTube that reflect poorly on their employers, a culture of fear can permeate corporate social media programs.

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How Did You Get So Many Followers on Twitter?

By Warren Whitlock, Co-author of Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business and Market Online

I get asked every day how to reach more people on Twitter. So what's the secret to getting a lot of followers? My response is another question: "Do you want to show a big number on the screen or create profitable relationships?"

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The Value of Web 2.0 Content

By Andrés Silva A., Professor at the Instituto DuocUc

The evolution in the way we communicate has made a significant impact on our society and has turned the main sources of information and news around the globe upside down. Blogs have added to the radical change that is helping Web 1.0 to morph into Web 2.0. Now people not only want to obtain information, they also want to be part of the creation of that information.

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How is SMM for B2B
Different from B2C?

By Pete Krainik, CEO of The CMO Club; Hollis Thomases, Author of Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day; and Patrick Strother, Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota

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SMM Strategies

By Eddie Reeves

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SMM for Corporate Branding

By Lida Citroen

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SMM Best Practices

By Eric Fletcher

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SMM for Personal Branding

By Sima Dahl

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SMM for B2C

By Kim Hennig

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SMM Research

By Caroline Dangson

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SMM for B2B

By Alex Romanovich

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SMM Maturity

By Jim Arnold

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