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Winning in the New Omni-Channel World

By Lisa Gavales, Chief Marketing Officer at Express

How do you make sure you're on the right track, following the right trends, and investing in the right new ideas? Here are five ways that the retail industry should approach the coming omni-channel customer.

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The Value of Becoming Actively Involved on LinkedIn

By Lewis Howes, Co-author of LinkedWorking: Generating Success on the World's Largest Professional Networking Website

When I used to play basketball, I would make difficult shots all the time. People would sometimes snarl at me saying, "Lucky shot, Lewis. Bet you can’t do that again." I did not find it lucky at all, because I was in the gym for six hours a day practicing that same shot.

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Why Facebook is More Important than Your House

By Mark Schaefer, Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University

What technology or company could emerge as the next Facebook? I love debating the implications of social media trends and technologies with my students, and this is the question that comes up most often.

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What Role Should Social Media Play
as Part of the Marketing Mix?

By Pete Krainik, CEO of The CMO Club; Hollis Thomases, Author of Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day; and Patrick Strother, Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota

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SMM Strategies

By Eddie Reeves

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SMM for Corporate Branding

By Lida Citroen

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SMM Best Practices

By Eric Fletcher

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SMM for Personal Branding

By Sima Dahl

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SMM for B2C

By Kim Hennig

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SMM Research

By Caroline Dangson

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SMM for B2B

By Alex Romanovich

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SMM Maturity

By Jim Arnold

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