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Issue 4: Table of Contents


The CMO, the Agency, and the Wardrobe

By Ruth Brajevich, Chief Marketing Officer at Ware Malcomb

The reality you live in shapes your beliefs. In the marketing arena, your role is either as the marketer for an organization or an employee of a marketing, PR, or social media firm. In either position, you see and hear the world in very different ways.

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Brand Building and Social Media—Beyond
Communication to Changing the Marketplace

By Dr. David Aaker, Author of Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant

Marketers are attracted to social media to communicate their offerings and programs in large part because traditional mass media lacks coverage and is increasingly fragmented, expensive, complex, and ineffective. Social media is the apparent salvation.

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Innovation and Social Media

By Dr. Gary Schirr, Assistant Professor at Radford University

Every step of a new product (or service) innovation process benefits from increased customer/user input. By facilitating ongoing discussion among users and producers, social media should logically help the innovation process in multiple ways.

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What Opportunities and Challenges
Does the Intersection of Mobile and
Social Media Create for Marketers?

By Pete Krainik, CEO of The CMO Club; Hollis Thomases, Author of Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day; and Patrick Strother, Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota

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SMM Strategies

By Eddie Reeves

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SMM for Corporate Branding

By Lida Citroen

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SMM Best Practices

By Eric Fletcher

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SMM for Personal Branding

By Sima Dahl

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SMM for B2C

By Kim Hennig

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SMM Research

By Dr. Steve White

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SMM for B2B

By Alex Romanovich

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SMM Maturity

By Jim Arnold

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